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SQL Server DBA

The Database Engine sits at the core of the SQL Server components. The engine operates as a service on a machine, which is often referred to as an instance of SQL Server. You can run multiple instances of SQL Server on a given server. When you connect to SQL Server, the instance is the target of the connection. Once an application is connected, it sends Transact-SQL (T-SQL) statements to the instance. The instance in return sends data back to the client. Within the connection is a security layer that validates access to the data as specified by the database administrators (DBAs). The Database
Engine enables you to leverage the full capabilities of all of the other components, such as accessing, storing, and securing the data.

T-SQL Programming

SQL Server provides a rich programming language that allows you to write simple and complex queries against the underlying storage structures. Using T-SQL, you can write data manipulation queries that enable you to modify and access the data on demand. You can create objects such as views, stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions that act as a means of surfacing that data. Applications written in programming languages such as Visual Basic and C# .NET can send T-SQL queries from applications to the Database Engine. The Database Engine will then resolve the queries and send the results back to the client.

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