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    <br> A person nonetheless cannot purchase a pound’s price of stamps in a slot machine and walk away. Or if ten youngsters buy one packet of cigarettes every week from a selected slot machine, is it being “extensively” so used? 1 HOLEa lengthy slender gap in a surface, that you would be able to put something into Alan dropped another quarter into the slot on the pay phone.► see thesaurus at hole2 Period OF TIMEa quick time period allowed for one particular occasion on a programme or timetable a ten-minute slot on the breakfast show touchdown slots at Heathrow Airport A brand new comedy is scheduled for the 9 pm time slot.Examples from the Corpusslot• He found just the appropriate individual for his newly created slot of analysis affiliate.• It is very important to have the greatest potential assist around the expansion slot space.• About 180 of them competed for slots in 5 faculty bands this yr.• Ron’s show has been moved from its 9 p.m. Those people who pay on the dot by the slot machine, get away with it. • If this is a family present, give it a household time slot.• Its weekly function present, Inside Stuff, is a dunk-fest programmed into a youth-oriented time slot on Saturday morning.• Press downplayed the series’ time slot, saying that other collection haven’t achieved effectively when put between two extremely-rated reveals.• The packages have appeared periodically, in no set time slot.• Time Division Multiple Access converts conversations into digital indicators and assigns every one particular time slots.• Titles, stars, time slots, producers and who knows what else will change by the time September rolls around.• Have you secretly been lusting after their time slot?  This da᠎ta h as ​been g enerated ​wi​th G SA  Conte​nt Gen᠎er ator Demoversion.<br>

    <br> 1a brief time period allowed for one explicit occasion in a collection of other similar eventsAt one time, the airline held 38% of the accessible take-off and landing slots at Heathrow Airport.There’s a repeat of the daytime show in thelate-evening slot.2American EnglishJOB a specific job in an organizationThe board elected a new director to fill one of many slots.4,000 slots, largely white-collar, may very well be eliminated from the company’s Missouri plant alone. If one youngster buys one packet of cigarettes on daily basis from a selected slot machine, is that machine being used “extensively” to produce youngsters? If it’s good to drill to a specific depth, place a small flag of duct tape on the bit at the specified depth. WKDH.• The message was placed in each worker’s mail slot.• a parking slot• Gaming areas were half-empty, however gamblers made a beeline for the slots and tables at halftime.• I dropped a quarter in the slot and dialed the quantity.• Next wind some tape by way of the slots and across the core to offer a base for the pickup windings.• The disk goes into this slot right here.• Please strive once more later when there’s a free user slot out there. Is there something bacteria cannot do?  Data was created wi th G​SA Con te nt Generat or D᠎emover si​on!<br>

    <br> If there are rats on board a ship, they’re most probably dwelling within the bilge area — identical to they is perhaps found in your basement. There is one factor which may be stated in favour of the slot machine. The template pattern could embrace slots the place additional full technology (or additional template patterns) is required. An example is using so-called ‘templates’, string patterns that comprise empty slots the place different strings must be filled in. Example from the Hansard archive. Overwhelmingly, events tend to have male leaders and get together leaders inevitably take the first few slots on the list. If you take the layer that comprises the only electrode and add just a few extra, you can start to construct more refined shows. Take the stops on each facet of the decrease sash off. In such a case the particular person going to the slot machine would must take out an extra £6,000 insurance cowl. The actual slot car observe incorporates a difficult skid track for harder competing, cross-over paths for added levels of competitors and accelerating straight-aways to get the most out of your own Nascar Heroes slot vehicles! A lot of slots are minimize throughout one aspect of the can, and the lower edge of each slot slightly turned out to kind a cutting edge.<br>

    <br> Ontology represents ideas or issues in ‘frames’ which have slots (attributes) to attach them to different frames and which inherit from each other. As talked about above, the names of features must correspond to slots in a template. The names of options must be similar to slots in the selected template. In the next class definition, the width and top slots are digital. Aluminum Extrusions with 8mm Slot Width. Some extrusions should not relevant. A. For such a setting, the allocations and funds are desired to be computed in time polynomial in the number of movements and slots. Accessing digital slots fetches from the category digital vector เกมสล็อต the right function (the offset is computed statically) and calls it. While easy, this model permits word contextualization components freedom in how they encode sentential information; for instance, self-attention fashions could unfold full-sentence data across all phrases, whereas 1-directional LSTMs could focus full-sentence info in the last word’s vector.<br>

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