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    <br><p> In order to provide the maximum natural appearance, hair is usually transplanted for a single one, but no more than three at the same time. The procedure simulates a competent method of eyebrow growth. The hairs ask for an indispensable appearance in tiny incisions no more than half a millimeter wide.</p><p> The eyebrow transplant procedure traditionally contains in its family from 50 to 325 hairs placed in each eyebrow, hair transplant price it completely depends on the available hair, and in addition on the desired size and density of the patient. The procedure itself, for the most part, lasts about 2 minutes with an almost painless recovery period after its completion. Four to five days after the end of the process, the patient is able to return to the previous functioning as a result without any signs that the operation has been completed. Any pinkness or tiny crusts formed around the transplanted hairs will disappear, and the hairs will now begin to grow, giving the eyebrows a natural voluminous appearance. If you need a competent hair change company or plan to find out more about the eyebrow transplant procedure, be sure to make an appointment to contact marotta hair restoration immediately!</p><br><br>

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